Type of Training OSHA Provides

OSHA’s training certificates should be acquired before a spill or other emergency occurs and as part of a company’s training to employees. Not every worker needs the same amount of training and the type and level of training depends on how close he or she will be to a spill and what role they will have once a spill has occurred.

OHSA requires companies to train their workers to the highest level of responsibility and exposure assigned to them. For more information about OSHA’s different level of certificates and response programs, please refer to OSHA’s web site.

As these spills and fires seem to occur regularly, it’s important for workers to get the necessary training to work with such hazardous materials. Proper training and certification can make cleanup efforts smoother and safer, and avoid negative publicity and wasting precious time after an emergency has occurred.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to follow these rules. Be sure to post the necessary signs and to train and prepare your workers for hazards that might occur.

Questions for Your Attorney

  • Can OSHA be sued for not forcing companies to get the proper training?
  • Will OSHA representatives have to testify before Congress during the hearings related to the BP oil spill?
  • Does OSHA inspect facilities to make sure they comply with their rules?
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